Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Facts...

So, halfway through writing this first post I realized that I could have just started by explaining the meaning behind the name and address of my blog. Wow, sometimes my intelligence just floors me! Anyway, instead I pled complete confusion as to where to start and instead of jumping right into the world of faith and pop culture I figured I'd start with a list of 10 random, little-known facts about myself. Enjoy! (Note: There are 4 random pop culture references in this post. You find them, you win!)

1. My favorite word is "conundrum"...and I always say it like Natalie Portman in "Garden State".

2. About 60% of my pet peeves relate to other peoples' driving habits.

3. I don't like pickles or beer and I wish I did--it is not for lack of trying, though.

4. Part of my life story includes the phrase "During the six months I spent in Africa I actually had to flee the country for about 2 weeks..." (it's actually a great story--feel free to ask...)

5. I have moved every year for the past 7 years (sometimes twice in one year).

6. My Mom has never had a bed-side manner, but I still always call her when I'm really sick.

7. When I was about 7, I had an alter ego named "Super Betsy". I was a superhero :) (I was such a dork...)

8. I was really adorable and photogenic until I turned 8. It was all downhill from there...I like to believe I'm beginning to redeem myself.

9. I rock a Harmony...Okay, I own a Harmony guitar (it was my mom's in college) and it sits in my room waiting to be played. And has been for years. I'll get to it!! (For the record, I did teach myself a few chords several years ago, I just didn't keep up with it...I really do want to start it up again.)

10. I cried when Jerry Orbach died. And then I named my fish after him. (The fish later perished in a freak, 'my room mate's cat pushed his tank off the shelf' accident).

Bonus Fact:
11. I know that 'it's' is supposed to have an apostrophe, however, I always make the spell check correct it when typing e-mails at work. I honestly don't know why.

So, there we go...11 random, little known, mildly embarassing facts about me. Next time we'll start with the real stuff!

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Melissa Joy said...

i totally didn't know about the super betsy thing and i'm your sister